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The Impressions - We’re a Winner 

The Impressions with Curtis Mayfield resynced live tv performance from 1967.
Audio is dubbed with the original studiorecording!
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Tiffany with The Thoughts - Find Out What’s Happening (1966)

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The Pussycats - You Can’t Stop Loving Me (1966)

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Sherri Ward & “Singin’” Sammy Ward - Lover (1960)

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Jackie & Gayle - I WANNA MAKE YOU HAPPY (1965)

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Shawn Phillips - Woman Mind (1967)

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The Animals - It’ s My Life (1965)

D: The Animals performing ‘It’ s My Life’, on US TV in 1965. The set is ahh-mazing! The “the ex-girlfriends” heads mounted and moving to the music in the hunting lodge environment. No regrets.

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Barbara Lynn - I Don’t Want A Playboy (1967)

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The Paragons- The Tide Is High (1967)

D: Sometimes when I am utterly exhausted from long days in the kitchen and late nights djing, when working on my beloved book and inking comics seems to much for me too muster, I realize I just need to take a load off, the best way I have found is to lay on my back in bed and explore the internet like an encyclopedia, learning about things I love, this takes me on a myriad of tangents but most often is music based. I also use youtube to explore music and am quite keen on people being informative posters and putting up some information to get us started. This song is popularised to me through Blondie’s 1980 version.

Here is a bit about The Tide Is High, by The Paragons, courtesy of the video poster and what appears to be wikipedia…

The Paragons were a rocksteady band from Kingston, Jamaica, active in the 1960s. Their most famous track was “The Tide Is High”, written by band member, John Holt. The Paragons were originally Garth “Tyrone” Evans, Bob Andy, Junior Menz, and Leroy Stamp. In 1964 Stamp was replaced by John Holt, and Howard Barret replaced Menz.[1]

The early Paragons sound was influenced by American soul music and used the tight vocal harmonies of Jamaican groups of the early 1960s. In 1964, the group caught the attention of the record producer, Duke Reid, and they cut a succession of singles for his Treasure Isle record label.
After this early success Bob Andy quit the group, and the Paragons abandoned their soulful sound to become the most popular rocksteady act in Jamaica, but disagreements over money led to the band’s break-up in 1970. Of the band’s other members, only John Holt went on to have a significant solo career.
The Paragons’ recordings, most famously “Tide Is High”, written by Holt, and featuring the violin of “White Rum” Raymond, are among the highlights of Jamaican popular music. “The Tide Is High” was taken to the top of the UK and US charts by Blondie in 1980.”

D: I also want to note the bit, “The early Paragons sound was influenced by American soul music and used the tight vocal harmonies of Jamaican groups of the early 1960s,” since my work-wife Duncan once shouted to me from across the room at Soul Supper Club, when I went on a tangent and played a ‘reggae’ish tune. To which I argued the influence of some soul music on some reggae, rocksteady, etc… The Paragons would be a great example of that. 

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